We know what it means to be a fan. Sometimes it takes a little grit and a lot of faith. And we know what it means to rep your fandom. It’s not just a t-shirt, it’s an emblem of respect, a story to tell. And that’s what Local Revere is all about.

Local Revere was born out of our affinity for the great state of Texas and Dallas/Ft. Worth, our beloved sports teams, and the endearing hometown heroes we’re all proud to root for. It was founded in Fort Worth, Texas, or as we like to call it, Funky Town by us DFW natives that wanted to show our pride for the cities in style. We wanted more than generic stadium apparel and dime store grade t-shirts. We wanted that cool, vintage look with some modern attitude that had range and diversity, just like our cities.

Local Revere runs on the stories that build reverence for everything local. Ever feel that electricity in a high five, a sold out stadium, or the first beat at a concert. That’s the kind we’re talking about. We caught that electricity, infused it with some good old fashioned hard work, and crafted it into cool, classic t-shirts and merch. It’s what fuels our passion for being the purveyor and champion of all things local.

We craft premium quality products passionately in the USA and all of our merch is screen printed with meticulous detail right here in Funky Town. Our super soft screenprint is put on exceptional quality, buttery soft fabrics that are a throwback to that timeless vintage feel. In the design shop, our priority is to make sure you’re always ready to rep what you revere. Maybe that’s your university’s ball team, maybe it’s your favorite Cowboy (of the football variety), or maybe it’s just that Funky Town or Big D vibe. We are enthusiasts for stories in sports, pop culture, and the landscapes that make us proud to call our city home. Get some merch that tells a story you’re proud to wear on your chest everyday (literally).

Live Local. Be Revered.



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